Whatever the style is, the designer always pays close attention to each single detail, the inside of the bag (full of various pockets), the finishing touches: saddle stitching, handmade stitches, stitched logo ….
This collection is the designer own vision of her ideal bag: functional, timeless and refined.

A collection exclusively made of high quality full-grain cowhide.
FREESIZE:  for him or for her, always adjustable, as a tote bag or a shoulder bag, it is the must-have to carry your computer.

SIMPLISSIME: a classic and chic bag full of pockets for each one of your secrets. The finishing touches of handmade stitches and saddle stitching give it its ” cachet “. Proposed in small and large sizes.

POkentas, PO is the name of the collection, an “unconstructed” collection, far from the usual one-single-design collection, there are not two identical pieces in the same collection.
Each bag is a unique design, made of a whole ultimate quality piece of lambskin (or sheepskin).
PO, an “unconstructed” cutting, designed according to each specific shape of each selected piece of skin.

PO, an “unconstructed” bag, supple and flowing, the beautified leatherskin takes on the shape of the body.
Exclusive  boutique.

BOOLING: is THE bag to fulfill all your desires !  it can be worn on the shoulder, slung over the shoulder, and by hand, with or without the shoulder strap.