How to choose your handbag? 


Depending on how you want to wear it and for what occasion.

Looking at what skin it is made of (full-grain – or it was made…)

In a specialized shop.

Favor very big brands or designers who have a physical store too.

Buying a bag on the internet is like choosing a wine for a good dinner on the internet. You have to have it in hand, to have touched it to know.

How do I clean a leather handbag?

It all depends on the leather.
It is your shoemaker who is best placed to advise you. It is he who sells them and who keeps himself informed of the latest news.

The ballpoint pen and inks do not remove from the leathers. That’s why many of the bags sold and worn are dark.

For ordinary maintenance, do not put wax, it clogs the pores. Put a little color on the folds of the bag that lose some. Be careful if you colorize your bag to pass the soft cloth because the remains of waxes or creams may come to settle on your clothes by friction in use.

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