BAGfree Small Square Leather Bag (290 €)


The perfect small square leather bag for a busy day or a night out! The lining extends out of the bag offering extra space for anything you could need- it’s very easy to change the fabric so you can adapt the bag to the seasons.


I was going on holiday for a weekend and didn’t want to carry my large bag with me. I had been searching for the perfect small square leather bag for weeks when I found this one. It is perfect for me!

This bag was plenty big enough to fit all of my essentials, while also being small enough to carry day and night. It was really easy to expand the bag to put a water bottle or something I bought away. The lining slides up and down the straps which is a practical, but really unique aspect of the bag. It’s so easy to get more linings for the bag so that I can customize it even more!

I didn’t have to worry about changing bags when we went out at night, because the straps can be adjusted to be a shoulder bag instead of a crossbody. I am ecstatic with this bag and recommend it to anyone looking for their own perfect small square leather bag.

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