What are the most quality leathers for a handbag?


The most quality leathers for a handbag are full-grain cows or calves.

Full-grain means that it is the top of the skin, the one that has elasticity.

The underside of this skin will be covered with a film to restore the appearance of leather but will be of lower quality. It is not always easy to recognize them as new.

The quality of leather depends on its processing and size. They are called 1st choice leather.

The price of quality leather cannot be negotiated, there is never enough for all bag manufacturers. Each skin must be checked one by one to see if it is worthy of bearing the “first choice” label.

A large bag with little seam requires a large skin, this

Grained leathers will allow future stripes to be seen less.

Lamb is more often intended for pouches and gloves, it remains fragile.

Crocodiles and ostriches require special work and allow them to obtain a look more or less fashionable that always moves.

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